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What is this place?

The code with love blog is where I, Michael Amore, document interesting tidbits and insights I have about software engineering practices, web development, technology, and more. Sometimes it's just sharing a new piece of technology I'm enjoying using and other times it's about how my experience has molded my opinions on certain software engineering topics. Sometimes it's just ranting.

As a software engineer with 10+ years of building web/mobile applications, I've seen the landscape of web development and mobile development evolve firsthand over that time. These days I love using Next.js, Remix, TypeScript, Tailwind, and many other technologies. You can see my everyday tech stack and other resources I use on my uses page.

However you got here, I'm glad you're here. Read a few articles and if you find any particularly interesting, please share them on social media. Reach out to me at @amore_codes with any questions or feedback.

I appreciate you. Peace and Love.